Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Own it!

Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay

Sneakin' a popcicle under the  table

Here are some images of the Moon-letts since our last move in December 2010.

Cutie Lorelei in her ballet leo

Annabelle with our first cat Starbuck (f)
Decorating gingerbread houses
Aaron stained the deck while the girls watched

      Our house is a perfect fit for us. It is a split level with woods on the sides and back yard- with a really good free-cycled play set. We have three bathrooms- one has a built in tub, another a walk-in-shower and the last doubles as the laundry room. All of our personal belongings, furniture and wall hangings fit well inside. The kids each have their own room- and the kitchen is so much nicer than the old one at the Love Point summer-home. We are farther away from church but closer to Easton and the beaches. We miss being able to zip on the Bay Bridge when summer traffic is bad- but it's a fair trade-off to be secluded and look out our window to see the corn fields, far off moving traffic and the wind turbine of the college out our front windows. 

Annabelle's Sunflower and our front walk

Our friends Amber and Walter Gunter went on a date for their 10th wedding anniversary, we had 5 extra kids in the house!

The latest addition to our family, Mickey (m)

David and his beloved Skylanders figurines (thanks a lot Mo!)
Family Night

Lorelei in her doll's crib- girlfriend is straight-up cray-cray!

 Playing in the snow with our neighbor, Clayton

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