Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Latest Addition

This is Jacob Curtiss "Jake" Moon.
He is almost 8 months old (at time of writing).

The night before he was born, everyone had just settled down into their beds.
 Aaron and I were on a phone call with Pop-Pop Dave wishing him a happy 69th birthday... 
when all of a sudden-something didn't feel quite right and POP! labor began. 
This was at 11pm on Monday, May 16th, 2016.

The on-call babysitters weren't answering their phone calls.
My mom was in Switzerland for work (United Airlines), and my neighbor Jessie, with a husband 
who wakes up at 4 a.m. each day, had turned her cell phone OFF for the night.

Weighing options, I made the quick decision to drive myself (with hazard lights on) 
to the hospital about 27 miles away.
Crossing the 2 lane 5 mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge along the way.
While in early labor with faint contractions every 3-5 min.

I got to cut the umbilical cord. That was a first for me.

The midwife on call agreed to meet me at the hospital and I told her I estimated baby to be born within 5 hours- as that's how long Lorelei's birth lasted start to finish.
I was accurate on my estimation. He was born at 4:11 am on May 17th, 2017.
Aaron missed the birth but got to the hospital 
as soon as Jake's big brother and sisters made it to the school bus. 
The kids came to visit after school got out that day. Mo made it, too.
We had a hard time choosing his name- I wanted to name him Baillie DeWitt-
"Dewey" for short- 
as Baillie is a family name and DeWitt was a town that we passed in North Carolina often 
and I liked how it sounded like the Nike slogan: Just Do It.
Dewey was the last name of church friends in Virginia, too.
Aaron was not impressed.

Aaron countered with Spencer McDuffin. 
Just to show how crazy a name like Baillie Dewey sounded. 
We have a few friends with dogs named Bailey.

Going back to the drawing board the name Jacob struck my mind.
Aaron agreed to this name, instantly.

Jake's middle name is a nod to my grandpa, John Ronald Halderman.
He served on a ship in the early  1950s called the U.S.S. Curtiss.
He tested H- bombs in the Bikini Atoll.
He was lucky/smart and didn't swim in the water or drink the coconut milk 
from the area after the testing.
We would have named him Jacob Ronald but Jacob Curtiss has a better ring to it.
This is Jake in his going home outfit. A little red onesie and plaid bottoms to match big brother.
Jake's personality is really amiable. 
He likes to laugh at his siblings-
He sleeps cuddled up with mama all night every night 
and hardly wakes us up with needs other than to nurse.

He is crawling and has been since 6 months old- and is starting to climb steps as of yesterday.
He loves splashing in the bath, swimming trips to the YMCA,
watching the big brother swing around the ropes at the rock wall...
and I hope he's going to like his first airplane trip next week!

Monday's child is fair of face, (Annabelle and Natalie)
Tuesday's child is full of grace; (Jake and David)
Wednesday's child is full of woe, (Aaron and Lorelei and Papa John)
Thursday's child has far to go; (Grandma Freda and Mo)
Friday's child is loving and giving, (Pop-Pop Dave and Grandma Boo)
Saturday's child works hard for its living;
But the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.(Grandpa Ron)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Own it!

Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay

Sneakin' a popcicle under the  table

Here are some images of the Moon-letts since our last move in December 2010.

Cutie Lorelei in her ballet leo

Annabelle with our first cat Starbuck (f)
Decorating gingerbread houses
Aaron stained the deck while the girls watched

      Our house is a perfect fit for us. It is a split level with woods on the sides and back yard- with a really good free-cycled play set. We have three bathrooms- one has a built in tub, another a walk-in-shower and the last doubles as the laundry room. All of our personal belongings, furniture and wall hangings fit well inside. The kids each have their own room- and the kitchen is so much nicer than the old one at the Love Point summer-home. We are farther away from church but closer to Easton and the beaches. We miss being able to zip on the Bay Bridge when summer traffic is bad- but it's a fair trade-off to be secluded and look out our window to see the corn fields, far off moving traffic and the wind turbine of the college out our front windows. 

Annabelle's Sunflower and our front walk

Our friends Amber and Walter Gunter went on a date for their 10th wedding anniversary, we had 5 extra kids in the house!

The latest addition to our family, Mickey (m)

David and his beloved Skylanders figurines (thanks a lot Mo!)
Family Night

Lorelei in her doll's crib- girlfriend is straight-up cray-cray!

 Playing in the snow with our neighbor, Clayton

Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Move North

A 6 Minute Difference

On New Years Day, 2009 we got the idea of moving to a larger living space. We had been getting a little cramped- in our one bedroom, 1 bath attic apartment over a garage.  Annabelle (age 9 months) was becoming more mobile and she and David (age 2) needed their own rooms and a yard of their own to play in. Luckily,  a family from church was preparing to move out of their parents' 100 year old rental home and they negotiated with the owners to give us a similar monthly rental fee to the one we had been paying, $850/mo. This was a great deal as the homes we passed on our daily walks were multimillion dollar waterfront mansions!
We packed up and moved 3.7 miles up the road from our awesome little garage apartment to this two story house in February of 2009. It was originally a summer home (boarded up in the harsh winters) but we made it through 2 winters here with some creative thinking and higher than average gas bills.

It was a good 2 years in each home and we had a blast!
David and his bubble gun

Our couch and carpet when they were new in the main room of the Love Point house

The girls and their lemons- the '60s style kitchen
David's ER visit when he accidentally swallowed a pewter figurine
Traveler's Note: Before the dual-span bridge system was built (the first side in 1952, and second in 1973) people arrived from Annapolis or Baltimore by ferry and took horses and later automobiles to the train station in downtown Stevensville to catch a ride farther inland to Centreville or Salisbury.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving on UP!

Back when he was the only child! Look at all those toys!

Turbie-towels on our heads for bath time. David's turban looks more like a shirt.

Little man helping me with the dishes.
David 9 months old in our media closet.  

Vertical coloring sheets from Queen Anne Library.
Aaron and I had a tough decision to make once David turned about 3 months old: where to move since our welcome had officially worn out living with my mother for little to no charge. A neighbor from Fredericksburg discovered a wonderful place for us in Kent Island as she was bargain hunting at a yard sale in her new town, Stevensville Maryland. 
                            Here is an image of the 100 mile trek we took in December of 2006. It took 2 hours.

The landlord, Mr. Glen, had made an apartment above his garage for his father but that living situation didn't work out. He constructed marble counter-tops for his trade, so we had beautiful 'faux' marble in the kitchen and bathroom to enjoy for the 2 years we stayed there.

There was also an electric chair we used as a dumb-waiter to carry groceries up the stairs while I was pregnant with Annabelle:
Here are some photos of our little princess (who was born in March of 2008) with friends:
With Ashlee Dilling.
With Michelle Kara Lee.
Screen shot before we packing up the desktop computer 2/7/09, our last day there.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Living on the Edge

The Beginning of the Mr. and Mrs. Moon

After our first kiss we sat through most of Captain Corelli's Mandolin / Summer 2001

Sophomore Year at BYU 2002 in the Humanities Building (which no longer stands)

On campus in 2003 Aaron majored in Statistics and I in Humanities

Hiking up Bridal Veil Falls the day we got engaged April 2004
That's me with full make-up on (and none at all in the reflection)
On July 31, 2004 I married my college sweet-heart. We were sealed in an LDS Temple in Columbus, Ohio.

After honeymooning in the Smokey Mountains
we moved to our first apartment in the Truman Building at 200 N 400 E. We were both in our senior year of college at BYU.

We paid about $400/mo for the the studio apartment on the top floor of the retro building.

A little bit of history about our apartment from the city of Provo: The property was built as a single family home in 1911. Sometime between then and 1950 the property was converted into a four-plex. In 1953, two more units were added to make it a six-plex. Then in 1985 a 7th unit was added, and the final eighth unit was added in 1990.

We lived in unit 8.

Here are some images of that first apartment we shared.

Doing laundry TOGETHER

Ladder to the loft bedroom (a mattress on the floor and AC unit)
View of kitchen from the loft.
View of living room from the loft.

Pots hung on the wall, pantry stocked, spice rack, too!
The only photo of us in caps (we went hiking instead of attending our graduation)

Last time he walked out of the apartment unit ground floor April 2005

Here are some photos I found online of what our apartment would look like if we went there right now:

The ARTSY-est apartment complex in all of Provo

The Chamber of Love

Bathroom same cabinet different hardware than we had

Much nicer windows and carpet than when we lived there...
Parking lot and 45 degree staircase to Apt. 8

This is the 1st installment of the BLOG TO REMEMBER the homes of Aaron & Natalie Moon

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