Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Living on the Edge

The Beginning of the Mr. and Mrs. Moon

After our first kiss we sat through most of Captain Corelli's Mandolin / Summer 2001

Sophomore Year at BYU 2002 in the Humanities Building (which no longer stands)

On campus in 2003 Aaron majored in Statistics and I in Humanities

Hiking up Bridal Veil Falls the day we got engaged April 2004
That's me with full make-up on (and none at all in the reflection)
On July 31, 2004 I married my college sweet-heart. We were sealed in an LDS Temple in Columbus, Ohio.

After honeymooning in the Smokey Mountains
we moved to our first apartment in the Truman Building at 200 N 400 E. We were both in our senior year of college at BYU.

We paid about $400/mo for the the studio apartment on the top floor of the retro building.

A little bit of history about our apartment from the city of Provo: The property was built as a single family home in 1911. Sometime between then and 1950 the property was converted into a four-plex. In 1953, two more units were added to make it a six-plex. Then in 1985 a 7th unit was added, and the final eighth unit was added in 1990.

We lived in unit 8.

Here are some images of that first apartment we shared.

Doing laundry TOGETHER

Ladder to the loft bedroom (a mattress on the floor and AC unit)
View of kitchen from the loft.
View of living room from the loft.

Pots hung on the wall, pantry stocked, spice rack, too!
The only photo of us in caps (we went hiking instead of attending our graduation)

Last time he walked out of the apartment unit ground floor April 2005

Here are some photos I found online of what our apartment would look like if we went there right now:

The ARTSY-est apartment complex in all of Provo

The Chamber of Love

Bathroom same cabinet different hardware than we had

Much nicer windows and carpet than when we lived there...
Parking lot and 45 degree staircase to Apt. 8

This is the 1st installment of the BLOG TO REMEMBER the homes of Aaron & Natalie Moon

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Nicole said...

Hi Natalie! How is the new place? I have been thinking about you and how shameful it is that I haven't made a greater effort to get together. I really enjoyed reading your first blog entry ever :) You are a fun person and we have several things in common.

Nikki said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I am so is a much easier way to keep in touch. Can't wait to see you next time you are here. I know it is harder now that I am was great running into you in the nursery last time though...too bad I was so busy! Love you!