Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving on UP!

Back when he was the only child! Look at all those toys!

Turbie-towels on our heads for bath time. David's turban looks more like a shirt.

Little man helping me with the dishes.
David 9 months old in our media closet.  

Vertical coloring sheets from Queen Anne Library.
Aaron and I had a tough decision to make once David turned about 3 months old: where to move since our welcome had officially worn out living with my mother for little to no charge. A neighbor from Fredericksburg discovered a wonderful place for us in Kent Island as she was bargain hunting at a yard sale in her new town, Stevensville Maryland. 
                            Here is an image of the 100 mile trek we took in December of 2006. It took 2 hours.

The landlord, Mr. Glen, had made an apartment above his garage for his father but that living situation didn't work out. He constructed marble counter-tops for his trade, so we had beautiful 'faux' marble in the kitchen and bathroom to enjoy for the 2 years we stayed there.

There was also an electric chair we used as a dumb-waiter to carry groceries up the stairs while I was pregnant with Annabelle:
Here are some photos of our little princess (who was born in March of 2008) with friends:
With Ashlee Dilling.
With Michelle Kara Lee.
Screen shot before we packing up the desktop computer 2/7/09, our last day there.

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Alison said...

Nice pictures... we need to come and see your new place soon!