Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Move North

A 6 Minute Difference

On New Years Day, 2009 we got the idea of moving to a larger living space. We had been getting a little cramped- in our one bedroom, 1 bath attic apartment over a garage.  Annabelle (age 9 months) was becoming more mobile and she and David (age 2) needed their own rooms and a yard of their own to play in. Luckily,  a family from church was preparing to move out of their parents' 100 year old rental home and they negotiated with the owners to give us a similar monthly rental fee to the one we had been paying, $850/mo. This was a great deal as the homes we passed on our daily walks were multimillion dollar waterfront mansions!
We packed up and moved 3.7 miles up the road from our awesome little garage apartment to this two story house in February of 2009. It was originally a summer home (boarded up in the harsh winters) but we made it through 2 winters here with some creative thinking and higher than average gas bills.

It was a good 2 years in each home and we had a blast!
David and his bubble gun

Our couch and carpet when they were new in the main room of the Love Point house

The girls and their lemons- the '60s style kitchen
David's ER visit when he accidentally swallowed a pewter figurine
Traveler's Note: Before the dual-span bridge system was built (the first side in 1952, and second in 1973) people arrived from Annapolis or Baltimore by ferry and took horses and later automobiles to the train station in downtown Stevensville to catch a ride farther inland to Centreville or Salisbury.


Alison said...

I like your new place. It is in such a fun and quiet location.

Jess said...

Super cool looking house! And what a cute bunch of family you've got there!